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Grant for Multiple Sclerosis Innovation

Dr Laure Michel



T-cell/B-cell collaboration in multiple sclerosis: exploring an intimate relationship


Previous research has identified a proinflammatory profile of peripheral blood B cells in patients with MS, with a higher secretion of IL-6, LTa and GM-CSF. However, little is known about the differentiation of B cells in patients with MS and the potential inflammatory (or regulatory) contribution of plasma cells in MS pathophysiology. Follicular helper T cells (TFH), which express CXCR5, are crucial for supporting B-cell differentiation by guiding their migration into B-cell follicles.


Dr Michel hypothesizes that some TFH subsets are directly involved in autoreactive B-cell peripheral activation/differentiation at the early stage of MS (relapsing phase), and that these cells are able to migrate inside the CNS to contribute to the formation of tertiary lymphoid structures, which are directly associated with disease progression. Dr Michel aims to elucidate the contribution of TFH/B-cell crosstalk in MS and identify biological targets to normalize TFH/B compartment homeostasis in order to inhibit inflammation and, ultimately, progression in MS.


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